Thursday, July 19, 2012

Our own war-

About a month ago I battled acne.
About 2 months ago I battled heartbreak.

Both are equally painful, and earth- shattering, if you asked me. Both left me with less confidence to face the world, but work kept me going (as I can't take a week off just because I had an acne party on my face, or a heartbreak warfare in my heart) and Allah is really with those with torn hearts (Hadith Qudsi).

What did you do? Your skin looks better now !
How did you do it? You look happier now !

It is no secret, really. I worked hard at mending, both my skin and my heart. I use proper skincare and eat healthily, avoid stuffs that could give me breakout, I drink a lot of water.

I accepted that he was not the one for me, moved on, prayed that I meet someone else who is not only better, but best for me, avoided stuffs that could break my heart again (I forbade my brain to even think about him, and my heart to even say his name, or check whatever he puts online).

No, no. I am not making him my enemy. Now that I am better now, we're friends again. He is just, well, as Gotye puts it, somebody that I used to know.

People around me told me that I am strong. It is a fact not unknown to me. I know I am stronger than most people I know. And I only have Allah to thank for that. 

I guess the key to battle anything is to have strong willpower.

If you want to be happy, be. - Leo Tolstoy

I am happiest I have ever been now, all praises go to Allah the Most Merciful, and besides whom there is none worthy of worship.

Hati kita milik Allah. 

I pray that you all will have stronger willpower to battle your own wars, and come out as survivors.

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