Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I am blogging from an infamous eatery place in USJ. L- is teaching a friend of his about online blogshop. She is joining the wagon. I guess the idea must've crossed most of us at least once. Well for me, I still have that dream. But my dream to publish my own book is bigger. L- had an interview today and from what he said, it went well. Back to office matters. Because I spend most of my time in office. I was there at 7am today until 7.30pm. Anyway, back to office matters. We (my team and I) met and talked to A- face to face. Everything was laid down clearly. He looked like he is really trying to better himself, to fit with the demands. I sure hope the change will be constant, and I pray that he does not go back to his defensive self. You don't know... My company has weird traditions. I will blog properly later when I get home. I don't fancy writing on small screens.

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