Monday, April 2, 2012

What's best

Picture credits to C*

I have been working at G* for over 10 months now. Totally different than what I studied (I did Physiotherapy in college), but I am loving it. The responsibility is the size of Everest, good thing my pay isn't too shabby. I didn't think I would stay here for this long, when I first took the job last year, it was all because I literally had nothing to do upon finishing my final exams. I finished my OSCE in Hospital Putrajaya at 3pm, and I updated my resume on Jobstreet at 5pm. G* called me at 6pm and asked me to come for an interview the day after.

I was impressed at their speedy response, and there I was, the day after, in my car 30 minutes before the interview started, reciting all duas that I can think of. I kept on texting my mom to ask her to pray for me, that if this was what's best for me, then let me have this job.

The bungalow (we were located in a big bungalow back then, with about just 50+ of us) with a table tennis table, big swimming pool, who wouldn't be impressed? I loved working at the sundeck in the mornings, and fighting for a bean bag in the afternoon cause the sundeck is just too hot, it was only few months ago but it felt so long.

I've always been a firm believer in God's wills, and I've always believed that I'll get what's best for me. I am still here, and I am loving it day by day, but somehow I feel like my days here are numbered.

Thank you.

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